Colombia is buying more on the web

Colombia is buying more on the web

January 30, 2015

Going to a retail, large platform warehouse, to buy household products, technology or clothing, is a task that is becoming less and less frequent, or at least that can be inferred with the study presented by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE).

According to the union, during 2013 electronic transactions in Colombia carried out operations for more than US $ 8 billion, which represents 2.19% of GDP for that year.

The companies that have benefited the most from these types of transactions are the airlines for the sale of tickets, those that offer technological devices and those of fashion. “Saying that 60% of purchases were made with credit cards is extremely important, considering that there are many more debit than credit cards on the market. It’s outrageous, ”said Bernardo Vanegas, a member of the entity’s board of directors.

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