Classroom is a new learner management system ...

Classroom is a new learner management system …

May 7, 2014

Classroom is a new learning management system from GoogleThe search giant has shown Classroom, a new free tool for teachers that will be available within the Google Apps for Education suite. At first glance, it seems a rival to other learning management systems or LMS (let’s think of Moodle, for example, which is also free and is one of the most used). The Google option, yes, seems more basic for the moment.

Classroom currently has three functionalities. In the first place, it will facilitate the assignment and collection of works or tasks. Teachers can easily see who has turned in their homework and can provide feedback as they go. Second, it will serve as a communication tool between teachers and students, allowing the exchange of questions and other messages. Finally, its third objective is to serve as an organizing tool: students will be able to easily see what work they have pending to deliver, as well as their deadline.

via Google Classroom, a new learning management system.

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