Citizen journalists fill the information gap and ...

Citizen journalists fill the information gap and …

March 21, 2014

protests venezuelaSocial networks allow citizens to collectively generate first-hand information. Raw data is often evaluated for relevance, importance, and newsworthiness.

In other words: the difference between journalists and citizens is their verification method. The difference in networks is that this process occurs live and in view of everyone, with a large number of people who feed back in the exercise of gathering and distributing information.

It also increases the number of errors and false data available in the public domain. However, communities learn quickly: because collective intelligence accumulates quickly, “info-citizens” and journalists can build a new collaboration model for proactive use during crises. Some people contribute data, others provide personal insights on specific events, others verify, and still others validate.

via Citizen journalists fill the information gap in Venezuela – MDZ Online.

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