Cicret Bracelet: A digital bracelet transforms our …

December 2, 2014

Cicret Bracelet, still in the pipeline, is a bracelet that aims to turn our arm into a tablet screen. The bracelet would be worn like any other accessory, its novelty would be the ‘picprojector’ that would extend a screen on the wearer’s arm with which to interact.

The screen that the bracelet would project on the arm would be tactile and could be controlled like any other mobile device. To extend the screen on the arm, you would only have to turn your wrist and once you have finished consulting the screen, you would have to do the same turn to turn it off.

Those in charge of facilitating the interaction between the ‘pico projector’ and our fingers -which give it the tactile functionality- would be 8 long-range sensors. The key to the bracelet is that it would be connected to our Android device, allowing us to perform all the functions available in the Google operating system, including answering and making phone calls.

via A digital bracelet transforms our skin into a tablet – Faro de Vigo.

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