Chromosonic is the electronic color changing fabric ...

Chromosonic is the electronic color changing fabric …

May 12, 2014

ChromosonicThe idea is that the fabric is capable of responding to both touch and ambient sound. The fabric is dyed with conductive ink of different shades and in it are woven nichrome wires that heat it. The audio sensors pick up the ambient sound and an Arduino transforms these sounds into heating the wires that change the color of the fabric.

Well, they don’t really change the color completely, but the color is “off” and the heat activates it, so although it is not a complete chameleon effect, if thin enough threads and a more powerful and precise system were used than an Arduino, you could create a kind of textile screen.

[vimeo 91989013 w=500 h=281]

via Chromosonic, electronically changing color fabric | The Inquirer ES.

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