Chromebooks gain ground in school: One million ...

Chromebooks gain ground in school: One million …

July 19, 2014

Chromebooks arouse the interest of schools, at least in the United States, in fact models dedicated to the education sector are created, and some of the well-known manufacturers are having trouble meeting the demand that has been generated.

The demand is always very relative, if I manufacture few units, I can find the problem even if the interest is moderate. The reality is that Google itself has reported that there have been a million units sold in the second quarter of the year. They all go to school.

Among the virtues that organizations that choose Chromebooks are the price, security, ease of maintenance, or the introduction of ideal tools for the situation such as Google Apps for Education. We are talking about laptops of a manageable size, something also valued for the use that a student can give it.

via Chromebooks gain ground at school: one million units sold.

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