Chinese malware attacks iPhones and Macbooks through ...

Chinese malware attacks iPhones and Macbooks through …

November 6, 2014

The security firm Palo Alto Networks has sounded the alarm about WireLurker, a family of malware designed to attack computers with OS X and infect USB-connected iOS devices from there. The company describes the situation as the beginning of “a new era in malware for OS X and iOS”, marking the first time that malware capable of infecting apps installed on iOS in a similar way to traditional viruses has been identified.

According to the results of the investigation carried out by Palo Alto Networks, WireLurker is making its way through the Maiyadi App Store, an independent Chinese application store for Mac in which 467 applications with the Trojan inside have been detected. The apps have already been downloaded more than 356,000 times, potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of users.

However, that is not the only way in which WireLurker can attack, since it is able to gain access to iOS devices through the USB port, including attacks initiated from a USB charger. As if that were not enough, an infected iPhone would also be able to infect your computer after connecting it by USB, while your contact book would be completely exposed with full access to your iMessages. As you can see, the results are catastrophic, however, they have not yet managed to find out the purpose of the malware. For now they recommend avoiding connecting unknown devices to the computer, and even not using other chargers.

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