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February 13, 2014

Chinese templeThe Chinese Communist Party considers censorship key to maintain its control, implicitly recognizing that social networks offer a platform for citizens to spread claims and criticism of the government, a potential trigger for social unrest.

This censorship often leads foreign Internet firms to lead China to exploit their business opportunities without compromising a carefully studied image of defenders of press freedom and open societies.

Olympic Square - IBM HeadquartersAll internet firms operating in China comply with these government internet censorship requirements.

Microsoft has made no secret of its intention to have a greater presence in China, a market where its software is widely used but rarely paid for.

Microsoft was criticized for censoring the Chinese version of Skype. Now Reuters reporters found that Bing skipped several web pages displayed by rival search engine Google when they entered “Dalai Lama” in Chinese from Singapore. The English search results for both were similar.

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