China confirms it has a hacker unit ...

China confirms it has a hacker unit …

March 19, 2015

China, for the first time in history, has confirmed that it has an active division of “digital weapons”, or what is the same, expert hackers ready for any situation in the virtual world. Finally, something that has been suspected for a long time is confirmed. And China is probably no exception.

China has always denied any kind of team dedicated to cyberattacks and digital espionage, but now those days are over. As reported by the Daily Beast, China claims that it has three different categories of teams of experts in attacks and digital security: one dedicated to military operations in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, another involving “private organizations” (civil and military), and the last one referred to as “external entities” or independent.

via China confirms that it has a hacker unit in its army.

Image © Duc Dao via Shutterstock

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