"Chávez" is now also a typeface for the com ...

“Chávez” is now also a typeface for the com …

July 29, 2014

To celebrate 60 years of the birth of Chávez, a group of young Venezuelans launched a program that reproduces the left-handed calligraphy of the socialist leader and that is causing a sensation among his supporters.

A handful of young people grouped under the name of “Creative Trinche”, known for their “anti-imperialist” designs and videos, launched the “ChávezPro” program on Monday, which can be downloaded for free on their website www.trincheracreativa.com

The innovative application included an investigative work that made it possible to digitize Chávez’s handwriting, based on the letters he wrote while in prison after the attempted coup he led in 1992 against Carlos Andrés Pérez.

via Arial, Times New Roman and now … “Hugo Chávez” typeface is launched in Venezuela – Yahoo News.

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