Charge the mobile with the energy of your skateboard

Charge the mobile with the energy of your skateboard

October 5, 2014

The Dutch student Bjorn Van den Hout has designed as a final project of his career a skateboard with an ingenious system of two dynamos located on the rear axle, which are capable of generating 6 Volts, although later it is transformed into a current of 5V. This energy is stored in an internal battery, which in turn feeds the USB port from which we can charge our smartphone, tablet or anything with USB.

To round off the invention, it has added two speakers and a 3.5mm jack input, so that it can work as a speaker when we are not skating, although I imagine that if it were to be commercialized (next week it will be launched on Kickstarter), it would be great that they added Bluetooth connectivity, and thus be able to listen to music even while “surfing” or comfortably without having to have the phone connected by the audio input.

According to its creator, with one hour of use of this Chargeboard (as he has called it) we will obtain enough energy to fully recharge our smartphone, while the internal battery is capable of storing energy to recharge a phone up to eight times, although it does not give information. exact of its amperage.

via Charge your mobile with the power of your skateboard – Lenovo Blog.

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