Change application icons and hard drives in Yos ...

Change application icons and hard drives in Yos …

November 9, 2014

Apple allows us to change the icons that our hard drives and applications show and it is so simple that we will not need any applications.

The first thing we need is to get an icon that we like, it does not matter if it is for an application or if it is for a hard disk. We have to bear in mind that not just any type of image is valid as an icon. It must be a file ending in .icns or it won’t work for us. This is because within a file thought to be an icon there are different versions of it in various resolutions, so that the operating system always shows the one it needs without having to reduce or modify it. If we search for Google or Dribbble we will not find a good handful of these icons, although I personally recommend those of Louie Mantia (do not forget to look in his archive). Also don’t overlook Sebastian de With’s Muir 1 & 2 set. Some icon sets, like those of Mantia, do not show us their extension, however that does not mean that they are not valid.

Once we have the icon we want, we just have to follow the following steps: Change application icons and hard drives in Yosemite.

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