CES: 50 years unveiling great technological innovations ...

CES: 50 years unveiling great technological innovations …

February 16, 2017

Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, celebrated in this edition its 50th anniversary with great technological innovations that were unveiled during the four days that the event lasted. During the first CES, back in 1967, the fair received a total of 117 exhibitors and 17,500 visitors.

Ribbon cutting ceremony in CES 1973

Fifty years later, CES 2017 received 3,800 exhibitors and some 165,000 attendees. This year, the fair broke new historical records, since with its almost 4 thousand exhibiting companies, they covered 230 thousand square meters of exhibition, a surface never reached in the previous 49 CES.

From its debut to today, CES has featured tech industry classics such as the VHS and Betamax in 1970, the LaserDisc in 1974, the digital wristwatch in 1976, the Commodore 64 personal computer in 1982, the Nintendo console in the 85, Tetris in 88, the Xbox in 2001, Blu Ray in 2003 and hundreds of cell phones that changed the mobile device industry.

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