Google extends the right to be forgotten to all its domains ...

Censorship in the media is an unexpected and dangerous effect …

July 3, 2014

After the judgment of the European Union, the right to be forgotten is a reality. Any citizen can request the deletion of some pages, and there are even specialized services for this. But as the websites begin to disappear, another consequence of all this comes to light: the “de facto” censorship of some media.

This has been denounced by three British media: The Guardian, Daily Mail and the BBC; who have seen some of their articles disappear from Google searches due to other interested parties requesting them. For example, this one where it is explained that some employees of the Tesco chain of stores insulted their customers in an online forum.

These media cannot do anything: they simply receive an email from Google explaining the situation.

via Another effect of Google’s right to be forgotten: censorship in the media.

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