Caracas is the least intelligent city in Latin America …

April 9, 2015

The study by the Center for Globalization and Strategy of the Institute for Higher Business Studies (IESE), of the University of Navarra, evaluates 148 cities around the world.

The work is carried out between ten key dimensions of places: governance, urban planning, public management, technology, environment, international projection, social cohesion, mobility and transport, human capital, and economy.

Cities in the Cities in Motion Index (ICIM) are rated High, Relatively High, Medium, and Low. The only two with the top ranking are London and New York.

In Europe, the city that tops the ranking is London (1), which is also the first in the global ranking and has remained in that position for the last three years. They are followed in importance by Paris (4), Amsterdam (5) and Vienna (6), the latter with the best progression in the global ranking, climbing three positions. The fifth city is Geneva (8). Madrid (34) and Barcelona (35) are 21 and 22 on the continent.

In Latin America, Santiago de Chile (86) leads the ranking within the best Latin American cities, climbing three positions during the last three years in the global ranking. The second place is occupied by Buenos Aires (91), followed by Monterrey (93), Mexico City (95), Bogotá (97) is fifth, Sao Paulo (102), sixth, and Lima (103) is seventh. It should be noted that the progression of the main cities in this geographical region has been much more modest than in other emerging regions. Even Venezuela (147), last in the area, is penultimate in the world ranking.

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