Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 stable version available ...

Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 stable version available …

December 20, 2016

Version 5.0 of the GNU / Linux National Operating System, has more functional and efficient tools, adapted to the productive needs of the Public Administration. Product of the articulated effort between the Bolivarian Government, members of the National Free Software Community, university students and institutions of the Public Power committed to the technological independence of Venezuela, the availability of the new stable version of Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 is announced, under the code name “Chimantá”.

The official launch of Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 will take place during the National Council of Productive Economy chaired by AristĂłbulo IstĂşriz, Vice President of the Republic, this Tuesday, December 20, 2016, from the White Palace, in Caracas.

About the new version 5.0 of Canaima GNU / Linux:

“Chimantá”, stable version of Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 was produced from Link Glossary Debian ‘Jessie’ 8 and Linux Mint Debian Edition ‘Betsy’: technological bases that provide tools for the stability, modernity and usability of the developed and adapted system to the productive needs of the Public Administration.

It has Mate and Cinnamon desktop environments, one lighter than the other, pleasant, colorful and comfortable, aimed at two categories of users and teams. Matte with a traditional look, intuitive and ideal for low-performance teams; while Cinnamon is a powerful and complete environment, adapted from the most popular distribution of the last three years.

Main components: – Linux Kernel 3.16– Libreoffice Office Suite 4.3– Glossary Link Firefox-ESR browser 45.5.1– Icedove 45.4.0 mail client

Applications aimed at the Public Power: – Pinta Image Editor– Day Diagram Editor– Freemind Mind Map Editor– Pitivi Video Editor– Audacity Audio Editor– LibreCAD Aided Design Tool– Scribus Layout Tool– BitTorrent Transmission Client– Pidgin Messaging Client– Client Microblogging Turpial– Planner Project Manager– XSane Image Scanning Program– Shotwell Image Viewer and Organizer– Clementine Audio Player– VLC Media Glossary Link Player– Yojama Energy Saving Tool

Other relevant applications: – USB memory formatter – ISO image recorder – Link Sources Software Glossary – Software manager – Update manager

What’s new?: Canaima GNU / Linux 5.0 provides support for the new UEFI boot technology on ISO Live and on installation. Additionally, package enhancements were included, allowing the Cinnamon and Mate desktop environments to coexist. Finally, with the Buildbot system, automation in the construction of Canaima is streamlined. This new version of Canaima GNU / Linux has the code name Chimantá, in honor of this massif located in the majestic jungle of BolĂ­var state, in the area central-western Canaima. Chimantá represents the most extensive formation of plateaus (10 in total) in all of Venezuela, with its 1,470 km² of surface.

Via Katherine Di Felice / ÉH

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