Call me on WhatsApp Please!

Call me on WhatsApp Please!

March 25, 2015

The moment that many were waiting for has already arrived. WhatsApp calls are available to users of the popular instant messaging application, as long as they have the latest version installed, 2.12.5. Of course, it is still not a function released by default, but it has a trick.

WhatsApp calls can be used with some beta versions of the application, but also with the final version released on Google Play: update 2.12.5. However, as has happened previously, they will not be available automatically, but the user must receive a call from a contact with the function activated in order to start using it.

The novelty compared to other occasions in which the service seemed to be activated is that this time it is no longer necessary to resort to a trial version available on the WhatsApp website, but the final version that can be found in the official Android store .

Read more: WhatsApp calls can now be activated with the Google Play version (2.12.5).

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