California Authorizes Conduitless Car Testing ...

California Authorizes Conduitless Car Testing …

May 24, 2014

Google autonomous carDue to the increase in initiatives of this type, the state of California has been forced to publish some regulations in this regard.

The new rules were approved this week by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

It is a series of regulations that will affect this type of driverless vehicles as of September 16 of this year.

Among its requirements we could highlight the obligation for the owners of the same to contract an insurance of 5 million dollars that would take care of the possible damages caused by a failure or accident during the tests.

It will also be required that while the vehicles are conducting tests on public roads, they have a driver inside attentive to any possible failure in order to avoid an accident if there is an error.

via California authorizes the test of driverless cars on public roads.

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