Calibration of a solar plant scorched 130 birds ...

Calibration of a solar plant scorched 130 birds …

February 20, 2015

The first operational test of this huge new facility in Nevada, United States, has resulted in 130 birds burned in mid-flight.

This is the plant known as Crescent Dunes, a facility capable of producing 110 megawatts. According to KCET, the incident took place a month ago, but has not been made public until now. The plant oriented a third of its 17,500 mirrors 365 meters above the central tower to calibrate its operation. At that point, the station’s biologists began to notice trails of smoke and water vapor in the air.

The contrails were nothing more than charred birds in flight as they entered the solar plant operation area. The test started at 9 in the morning and ended at 3 in the afternoon. At that time, biologists counted 130 stelae corresponding to as many birds.

via The first test of a new solar plant calcines 130 birds.

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