By testing your reflexes with dEXTRIS [Video]

By testing your reflexes with dEXTRIS [Video]

May 22, 2014

By testing your reflexes with dEXTRIS

The mechanics of dEXTRIS are simple, you have two cubes in the center and you have to prevent them from colliding with the obstacles that appear as you ascend the screen. To achieve this, you only touch the sides of the screen: if you do it once, the two cubes will go to that side, if you press both sides, one cube will go to the left and another to the right; and if you stop pressing the screen, the cubes will return to the center.

It sounds simple, and it is, but as you evade obstacles your speed increases and you have to be careful not to crash. Each escape earns a point and at the end you can share your score on social networks.

via dEXTRIS: A new game to test your reflexes – Wayerless.

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