Business actions in the face of energy contingencies ...

Business actions in the face of energy contingencies …

January 19, 2014

Working in the darkWhen the power supply is unexpectedly interrupted, companies are faced with a big problem: how to keep critical equipment running so that the business does not interrupt its operation and does not stop providing its services. Power cuts can cause economic losses, operational and productivity problems, and irreversible damage to technology equipment. As a contingency plan, Gustavo Laguado, general manager of Tripp Lite Venezuela, proposes the use of charging inverters to avoid financial losses and the stampede of clients who cost to win a complete commercial life cycle.

“An energy backup system serves, among other things, to give continuity to a business and a power cut should not affect the profitability of any company with the necessary provisions,” said Laguado. “Charging investors allow commercial institutions to continue operating normally and maintain the loyalty of their customers,” he emphasized.

During power cuts and unexpected blackouts due to public electricity service failures, Laguado explained that inverter chargers function as an alternative and safe source of energy. According to the executive, a charger inverter converts energy conserved in its battery into standard AC current with which essential electronic equipment can be powered.

“That energy is stored in the inverters through the electrical flow while the public grid service is active and operating normally. Once the normal supply fails, the charging inverters automatically switch to supplying the external service with the energy from the batteries ”, he said. According to Laguado, for the peace of mind of the users, the inverter chargers do not require supervision: “They are intelligent devices because they are activated by an automatic transfer, that is, they do not require a manual start or stop since the operation is instantaneous and immediate in the absence from service”.

Additionally, the Tripp Lite executive revealed that the charger inverters do not require fuel or maintenance other than that of the same electrical energy. “They are simpler, safer and cleaner than the conventional generators known to most of the power protection and backup market.”

In this sense, the director stated: “A more powerful inverter could be used to power demanding loads from servers, computers and VoIP phones in an office; or a smaller or portable inverter for mobile communication devices such as laptops and cell phones ”. To power highly sensitive equipment such as network servers or computers with sensitive information and connection, the manager recommended an inverter with pure sine wave output for maximum performance and safety.

“It is quite regrettable, little foresight and even irresponsible to leave the protection of the data and the patrimonial assets of a company in the hands of good fortune or luck. That is why we categorically affirm that leaving the profitability and continuity of a business in the hands of the unpredictability of an unreliable public electric service network is irrational ”, concluded Laguado.

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