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February 26, 2014

Apple's landing in Latin America is already a reality with the opening of the first Apple Store in BrazilBrazil has the second highest rate of mobile theft in the world with more than a million devices stolen each year, only surpassed by Argentina, where two million are stolen annually, although the population is one third.

To curb this phenomenon and with a view to the major events to be held in the country such as this year’s World Soccer Championship or the 2016 Olympic Games, the GSMA – the association that brings together all operators – in the world – and the The Brazilian government has signed an agreement with the Brazilian government at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC14) to reduce thefts with the main objective that the stolen devices cannot be exported out of the country illegally.

via MWC 2014: Brazil seals an agreement to prevent the theft of one million mobile phones a year | Technology | THE COUNTRY.

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