Brazil has another "little problem" ahead of the Games ...

Brazil has another “little problem” ahead of the Games …

July 18, 2016

According to Dynatrace, a company specializing in digital performance, in addition to the multiple challenges that Brazil is currently facing so that the next Olympic Games that it hosts this summer are optimally developed, we must add the difficulties of access to applications and digital content that the assistants.

This fact is motivated by two fundamental problems: the increasing response time of domain name systems (DNS), which allow the browser or telephone to be directed to the servers of a website, and the connection speed for the browser or the mobile phone start downloading content.

Dynatrace has carried out these tests from facilities in Brazil and with real users, as well as with distributors and content providers in the country.

The company has also carried out simulated tests to monitor the behavior of external providers (advertising, content, social networks, etc.). In them, he has verified that in a period of 24 hours there have been more than 300 failures, which is a big problem for websites that use a large amount of third-party content, such as sports media, which include videos of competitions. , advertisements or various sponsorships.

Source: Brazil has Internet connection problems ahead of the Olympic Games

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