Brain implant could be the solution to paraly ...

Brain implant could be the solution to paraly …

January 28, 2014

braingate-1Prosthetic or artificial limbs can be controlled by human nerves and muscles, and a research program called BrainGate seems to be very close to finding a solution that allows patients with some type of paralysis to activate those limbs and muscles precisely from the principles of movement of these prostheses.

The idea is to use the same technology that is used to control prostheses of patients who use them, but applying those principles to paralyzed limbs. The system collects the mental signals that are sent to move a limb, filtered through a computer, and sent to a stimulation device that activates the patient’s muscles.

The computer receives the signals wirelessly, and an algorithm that recognizes those signals related to muscle movement translates them. The 16-channel sensor can activate up to 18 arm or hand muscles.

via A brain implant could be the solution to paralysis.

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