Bose WiFi Portable Audio System

Bose WiFi Portable Audio System

February 27, 2014

Bose SoundTouch Portable

The Bose SoundTouch Portable is an audio system capable of streaming music and tuning in to Internet radio stations. All you need to do is add it to your home network, either via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

It is a design with a portable vocation, designed to be able to move the equipment from one room to another in the house. Hence, it also incorporates a rechargeable battery.

Inside the case there are four speakers and two passive radiators. At the moment, it supports three audio formats: MP3, WMA and AAC. However, in the middle of this year 2014, the brand has planned a software update that will expand the compatibility to the FLAC and Apple Lossless formats.

The USB port is for connecting this Bose to a computer and configuring it. The USB also works to recharge the built-in battery, which is lithium-ion. The built-in Wi-Fi belongs to the 802.11 b / g specifications.

Another of its advantages is that it can play the audio files stored on one or more computers where Windows Media Player or iTunes is installed. In addition, you can also stream music from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad wirelessly, via Apple’s AirPlay wireless technology. Instead, you can’t stream the music from Android devices.

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