Blackberry CEO denies they will abandon the ...

Blackberry CEO denies they will abandon the …

April 11, 2014

blackberry mobileAccording to John Chen, he is not considering selling or leaving the mobile business “for now.” A statement that seeks to reassure employees and public opinion but leaves many possible interpretations in the air, since it does not seem like a very powerful commitment to the future of the company. The current objective of the firm is to find a way to return to profitable the business of the manufacture of smartphones, until recently the great pillar of the company.

In fact, at its peak in 2011 Blackberry managed to sell more than 50 million smartphones, driven by the success of its own chat platform. But the growth of touchscreen smartphones and the Android universe have increasingly displaced keyboard devices. The problem for the Canadian company is that little by little these problems to attract the public have also spread to the business market. First the iPhone and increasingly the terminals with the Google operating system have become the first choice for executives and employees.

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