Biorobotic cockroaches are the best team of r ...

Biorobotic cockroaches are the best team of r …

November 11, 2014

Cockroaches that can help rescue people, or so the heads of the research team at the University of North Carolina in the United States say, who are working on a project to implant a microchip in these insects as a backpack that would contain a wireless transmitter and receiver and a microcontroller connected to the abdomen and the cockroach’s own antennas.

Through these components, it would be possible to remotely control a cockroach by stimulating its sensory organs, making it believe that a danger is approaching so that it can move in a certain direction. In addition, the possibility of these beings helping to create maps of areas affected by landslides is also being studied to better manage rescue tasks.

via Biorobotic cockroaches are the best rescue team.

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