Before retweeting an image read this «Quick Guide» ...

Before retweeting an image read this «Quick Guide» …

February 12, 2014

Censorship VenezuelaIn times of information scarcity, the importance of social networks, blogs and the like is undeniable. Every citizen becomes a journalist (by witnessing or reporting a fact from a good source) and a broadcast channel by relaying relevant information to their followers. In the particular case of Venezuela, the mass media have been silenced, but fortunately we still have these alternative channels. Reporting is NOT a crime. To fight censorship, take advantage of technology and report truthfully about what is happening in your community. Of course, you must be responsible. Spreading fake news and unrelated photos kills the credibility of the effort and muddles the networks. Choose your sources of information well, follow serious people and if you are going to retweet some information of doubtful origin, take your time to verify it before giving RT. To know, for example, if an image really corresponds to a particular event, read this «Quick Guide» to check the date of publication of the photo: Quick guide to verify the origin of photos using “Google images”

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Censorship is dictatorship. Say NO to censorship.

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