Because of technology we are losing memory ...

Because of technology we are losing memory …

May 18, 2014

It may be because we no longer need it, at least not like before. There was a time when one remembered several numbers, the home landline and that of friends. Then the mobiles we called the most were left etched in our retina. But that doesn’t happen anymore, with smartphones we don’t even pass our eyes over the number. Also, having a smartphone, the Internet and Google, who would think of memorizing a number?

This is a proven fact. Memory is freed faster and faster from the work of remembering things that we entrust to technology. The brain is then freed for higher tasks that I hope are yet to come. At the moment we do not memorize phone numbers but instead perform any other intellectually higher tasks instead.

A survey carried out in the United Kingdom confirms that indeed the maximum number of telephone numbers that 50% of those interviewed can remember is three. And that’s the smartest, there are others who already have enough to know theirs. According to those who carried out the survey, the great confidence that the British have in their phone is surprising.

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