Beach sand batteries that last three times longer

Beach sand batteries that last three times longer

August 9, 2014

Engineering researchers from the University of California Riverside have created a lithium-ion battery capable of tripling current standards for life. The key material? The beach sand.

Zachary Favors works with Professors Cengiz and Mihri Ozkan in the development of these revolutionary batteries.

The idea came to Favors six months ago. He was lounging on the beach after surfing in San Clemente, California when he scooped up some sand and realized that it was made up mostly of quartz, i.e .: silicon dioxide.

His research focuses on building better lithium-ion batteries, especially for electronic devices or electric vehicles, focusing on the anode, the negative side of batteries. Graphite is the current standard material for the anode, but with the increase in power of electronic devices, graphite has become out of date.

The industry is now focused on using silicon at the nanometer scale as a replacement for graphite.

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