BBM adds stickers to make chatting even more fun ...

BBM adds stickers to make chatting even more fun …

April 1, 2014

Stickers for BBMBlackBerry today announced an update to BBM with options to further personalize your conversations and continue to improve your chat experience.

With the update, which will be available to download throughout the day from the corresponding application stores for Android, BlackBerry and iOS smartphones, BBM will include stickers (images that are larger, more striking and expressive than emoticons) to use in chats. Users will be able to purchase and download sticker packages from the new BBM Shop.

“Stickers are another very good example of our efforts to make BBM an increasingly attractive and fun service for our users,” explains David Proulx, Senior Director at BBM. These stickers allow you to personalize conversations and meet the needs of users around the world who use this type of image on a daily basis to talk with their colleagues, family, friends, colleagues and partners ”.

BBM users will be able to download various sticker packs from the BBM Shop. Each pack includes between 20 and 25 stickers with designs by talented artists or inspired by a particular theme or character, such as CosCat, Gilbert’s Tales and Bubble Bot, as well as stickers related to well-known brands and products, such as the children’s series Shaun the Sheep and the sports entertainment company WWE. Initially, the packages will be free or will cost USD 1.99 or the approximate equivalent in local currency, which will be charged through the device’s application store.

And since the WrestleMania 30 event will soon take place, WWE plans to give away a sticker pack to its fans through BBM. In addition, all users who download this update will have access to a free sticker pack created by BlackBerry with favorite BBM emoticons. BlackBerry plans to add new sticker packs periodically.

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