BB-8 can be yours for about $ 150 [Video]

BB-8 can be yours for about $ 150 [Video]

April 20, 2015

BB-8 can be yours for about $ 150

Sphero balls have always been a very attractive toy due to their speed, control possibilities and associated games. It was already suspected that behind the technology of the droid BB-8, once it was revealed from Disney that it was not a computer animation, was Sphero. Now the confirmation has arrived from Sphero itself, which has enabled a website for you to leave your email and be able to find out before anyone else about the release of their new product.

Although it is not official yet, in Toyland they already point to a specific date (September 1) and a price ($ 150) for the premiere in stores of this BB-8 that is sure to be a success.

via The BB-8 droid everyone wants will be marketed by Sphero.

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