Banesco digital channels operating in quarantine with ...

Banesco digital channels operating in quarantine with …

April 3, 2020

Banesco digital channels: BanescOnline, BanescoMóvil, Banesco PagoMóvil and Banca Telefónica will be available during the coronavirus quarantine. This includes customer operations and inquiries from their mobile phones, landlines or computer. Banesco Banco Universal reported that it will guarantee operational continuity to facilitate its clients compliance with the preventive isolation measure to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Banesco digital channels will be fully operationalBanesco digital channels will be fully operational

Banesco clients have the BanescOnline website available for their inquiries and operations from their mobile, landline or computer. The new version of the mobile banking application BanescoMóvil (Banesco Ve); the Banesco PagoMóvil application and its Telephone Banking. BanescOnline is available 365 days a year so that people and companies can carry out their operations quickly, comfortably and safely. We talk about account inquiries, credit card payments, public services and taxes, and transfers between own accounts and those of third parties, at Banesco and other banks. The daily limits for transfers to third parties in Banesco through this channel are Bs. 1,000,000,000 for companies (legal persons) regardless of the bank and Bs. 200,000,000 for natural persons in Banesco and Bs. 15,000 .000 in other banks.

The new Banesco Ve app

The application of BanescoMobile (Banesco Ve) allows you to make transfers between your own Banesco accounts and those of other banks from your phone or tablet; also to third party Banesco accounts and other banks; pay own credit cards and those of third parties Banesco and other banks, and pay services such as CANTV, Electricidad de Caracas, Movilnet and Movistar. The new version of the APP, available since March 23, allows, as a novelty, to include new beneficiaries in the directory at the time of making a transaction; share by mail or download and store the receipt of operations in the photo gallery; consult the balance and movements of the account and credit cards and see the history of operations.

Transfers via BanescoMobile They have a daily limit, for both natural and legal persons, of Bs. 200,000,000 if it is between Banesco accounts and of Bs. 5,000,000, if it is to accounts of other banks. With Banesco PagoMóvil, available in a mobile version and a web version (at BanescOnline), customers can receive payments or send money to third parties affiliated with the Interbank Mobile Payment system, securely and immediately, regardless of the day the operation is carried out. In the case of this channel, the daily limits are Bs. 10,000,000 between natural persons regardless of the bank and Bs. 20,000,000 if it is to legal persons (businesses).

Customer service channels during special hours

Banesco reminds its clients that it has several channels at their disposal to attend to their inquiries or special requirements.

Telephone Banking currently works special hours from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday, through the numbers 0500BANCO24 (0500-2262624), 0212.5011111 or * BANCO24 from phones with Movilnet or Movistar lines.

The bank provides service through the Virtual Chat on, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm and also through its social networks @Banesco on Twitter, @banescobancouniversal on Instagram and on Facebook @ BanescoBancoUniversal. Likewise, it makes the email [email protected] available to its clients and the general public to attend to queries and requirements.

Finally, it has the Customer Service Unit Mailbox [email protected] and the email [email protected], the latter to make confidential complaints of irregular and suspicious situations that are observed in network operations .

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