Bamboo Spark is Wacom's digital notebook [Video]

Bamboo Spark is Wacom’s digital notebook [Video]

September 14, 2015

The Japanese company Wacom, has presented Bamboo Spark, an intelligent folio that allows you to take notes by hand, either to capture, shape or share ideas, with the advantage that they are never lost, because just by pressing a button, they are synchronized with Wacom Cloud and stored for later digital editing.

Inkspace Bamboo Paper

Its operation is very simple, users can draw and write with the traditional Bamboo Spark ink pen on the paper notebook (A5 size), with the peculiarity that it has an EMR (magnetic resonance) surface to communicate with the Bamboo Spark pencil, which allows all our notes to be imported directly into the official application, to be edited later on our tablet or phone.

Wacom Cloud SparkThe installation process is very simple, first you have to download the Bamboo Spark app, on iOS or Android, and then synchronize the device with the app.

Bamboo Spark PenAs for the price, this digital notebook is 159.90 euros, although it will come in three versions. As for the pen ink, refills will cost 9.90 euros in packs of three, and both will be available from October.

Source: Bamboo Spark, the Wacom digital notebook

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