Bad, bad, bad ... Samsung cancels all re ...

Bad, bad, bad … Samsung cancels all re …

May 8, 2019

Samsung is canceling Galaxy Fold orders unless customers confirm they still want to continue? despite display glitches seen on review units. The company has emailed customers who ordered the device, acknowledging the issues experienced by reviewers and stating that it will cancel orders automatically unless buyers confirm they still want to go ahead. For those who still want the chance, Samsung says (via TizenHelp) that it can’t say when Galaxy Fold orders will ship.

“We are making progress on improving the Galaxy Fold to make sure it meets the high standards that we know you expect from us. This means that we cannot yet confirm the expected shipping date. ‘

It says customers can cancel their order at any time before the device ships, but if they haven’t done so by the end of the month it will cancel the orders unless the customer clicks a link to continue. news from you and we haven’t shipped it before May 31st, your order will be automatically canceled.

“If you do not want your order to be canceled automatically on May 31, you can request that we keep your order and complete it later.”

There is a “Yes, I would like to keep my order” link within the email.

Samsung told Reuters that the terms offered in the email are a legal requirement in the United States due to the delay, but the report does not explain the basis for this statement.

The device was first showcased in February, and Galaxy Fold orders were originally scheduled to ship on April 26. Shortly after durability issues emerged, the company initially sought to reassure itself through a stress test video that simulates more than five years of regular use.

The initial reaction was positive, the company claimed that pre-orders were sold out within a day, but it wasn’t long before the first problems with the review units were reported. As more reports of screen glitches followed, Samsung delayed the launch by “at least” a month and brought back the review units.

Apparently, iFixit figured out why the screen glitches occurred, but subsequently agreed to remove its teardown after pressure from Samsung.

With a seemingly fatal design flaw, a predetermined pre-order cancellation, and a missed delivery date, we have to wonder if the Galaxy Fold will ever ship.

Source: Galaxy Fold orders will be automatically canceled by default: 9to5Google

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