Backberry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android get ...

Backberry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android get …

August 11, 2014

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a cross-platform containerization solution managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10), which has received Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) approval from the United States Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Now, US Department of Defense (DoD) customers can use, in addition to BlackBerry 10 smartphones, BES10 connected iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. STIG approval provides an additional level of confidence for government agencies considering implementing a more open mobile environment, with a variety of devices and operating systems.

“Businesses in the public and private sectors must proactively protect the security of sensitive data by ensuring that mobility solutions offer the highest level of security,” said Stacy Crook, IDC Mobility Analyst. The STIG certification demonstrates that the BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is well positioned to meet the demanding security requirements of many companies and government agencies. “

“BlackBerry is the only enterprise mobility management provider that can deliver a secure cross-platform environment based on different levels of risk and regulatory compliance, from environments with the most stringent security demands with BlackBerry 10, to more flexible environments with third-party devices. Says John Sims, President of BlackBerry Global Corporate Services. The STIG approval for the Secure Work Space solution for iOS and Android is another sign that companies and government agencies can rely on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to ensure the security of the mobile environment regardless of the devices used ”.

The approval further consolidates BlackBerry’s security capabilities for transferring sensitive data using third-party devices. With Secure Work Space, BES10 protocols for data at rest and in transit are extended to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. That means that confidential information is kept safe and secure throughout its transmission through vulnerable channels.

BlackBerry, the mobile solutions provider of choice for all G7 governments, continues to be a trusted partner for governments around the world. To date, BlackBerry has earned more than 50 government certifications, and the BlackBerry 10 platform is still the only solution to receive the prestigious Full Operational Capability (FOC) certification to operate on US Department of Defense networks.

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