B2C e-commerce in Latin America has grown ...

B2C e-commerce in Latin America has grown …

September 29, 2014

General Characteristics of the Mexican Electronic Commerce User

The Internet has substantially modified the habits of its users. At the commercial level, for example, the web has revolutionized purchasing channels, providing sellers of various products and services, the link with their current and potential customers, improving the buyer experience and achieving a better brand positioning.

According to the Online Business School, B2C sales via eCommerce in the main Latin American economies have grown 28% in the last year. Brazil is the country in the region with the largest e-commerce market, followed by Argentina and Mexico. Between the three countries, they added a business volume of 20 billion dollars in 2013. The revenues of these three countries are expected to grow by 135% by 2018 and reach 47 billion dollars.

It is clear that today’s consumer accesses the internet when they need to buy something. In Venezuela, for example, online classified ad sites have become the preferred local platform for buying and selling products and services, democratizing e-commerce. It is easier to search for laptops in OLX, for example, than to go from store to store to compare prices and features of the product we want.

In Argentina, the number of purchase orders through electronic commerce increased 80%. This was indicated by the president of the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), Patricia Jebsen, and the head of the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce (ILCE), Marcos Pueyrredón.

In the specific case of Mexico, Commerce through the network has shown significant growth in recent years. In fact, 71% of Mexican Internet users have bought, on at least one occasion, a product or service through the Internet, being the youngest users who show a greater willingness to acquire goods through this route.

Among the main goods and services are Tickets for travel (29%), clothing / accessories (23%), electronics (18%), music (17%) and tickets for events (15%), the most frequently purchased Mexicans electronically.

Data source in Mexico: The Competitive Intelligence Unit (2014)

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