Automatic goal detection is fine-tuned for ...

Automatic goal detection is fine-tuned for …

April 2, 2014

technology on the goal lineThe Automatic Goal Detection (DAG) system is set to debut at a FIFA World Cup as a support for match referees, after last year FIFA confirmed the appointment of GoalControl GmbH as the official supplier of DAG. for the championship.

Installing and testing the GoalControl system in each of the 12 stadiums is one of the essential tasks in the run-up to Brazil 2014. As that process continues, FIFA offers fans an intrinsic perspective on it through from tests recently conducted by Labosport Ltd., a FIFA-authorized testing institute, at the iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The GoalControl system is equipped with 14 high-speed cameras located throughout the field, with 7 of them focused on the entrance of each goal. The position of the ball is captured in 3D continuously and automatically and, in the event that a goal has been scored, the match officials immediately (in less than a second) receive the confirmation signal on their watch.

The Germany-based company won a bidding process in April 2013, and its confirmation for Brazil 2014 was subject to system performance during the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Although there were no sets where technology was required to determine whether the ball had crossed the goal line or not, the system met all FIFA requirements and correctly indicated the 68 goals scored during the FIFA Confederations Cup. It is also important to mention that the referees were very satisfied with the system.

The GoalControl system was also successfully implemented at the recent FIFA Club World Cup, held last December in Morocco, after winning a separate tender process.

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