[Audio+Video] Smart Mobility is Ford's plan to ...

[Audio+Video] Smart Mobility is Ford’s plan to …

March 9, 2015

Ford Smart Mobility is a novel project that seeks to transform the way we understand mobility, or rather, it seeks to anticipate what will come to be a very important actor in this transformation. A transformation that will address a change from the traditional vehicle to the electric one, autonomous cars and connectivity, but also the arrival of applications that will make our lives easier thanks to Big Data.

In pursuit of this objective, Ford has presented its latest project included in its Smart Mobility plan at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: two new connected electric bicycles to reduce traffic congestion in large cities and reduce pollution levels.

Listen to the interview with Alex Serrano from Ford Spain: These bicycles have a 200 watt electric motor and a battery that offers 9 amps per hour that assists pedaling up to 25 km / h. As novelties, they incorporate a lighting system on the handlebar to indicate their presence to drivers, and an alert system that uses an ultrasonic sensor in order to warn, with vibrations in the handlebar, the cyclist of the presence of a very close.

via Ford’s Smart Mobility plan will include connected electric bikes.

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