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March 9, 2015

With Oral-B’s new smart toothbrush with Bluetooth you can optimize your hygiene thanks to an app on your mobile.

This device will help us to brush our teeth more efficiently thanks to its sensors. For this, it has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection through which it will send information about various brushing parameters to our smartphone. This, with the application of Oral-B, will allow us to visualize a series of aspects about our dental cleaning habits, for example if we are brushing for a short time, if we put too much pressure on our teeth, or if we have left an area without brushing.

The application that runs on the smartphone has been developed with the help of dentists, to ensure that the brushing technique recommended is adequate. In addition, this application will have a reward system that will reward us with a series of achievements if we brush our teeth properly.

Listen to the interview with María Alejandra Apóstoli, Brand Manager for Oral-B global: The Oral-B application will help you perfect your brushing and achieve a magnificent smile. It is designed to work with all Oral-B * rechargeable toothbrushes and has special additional features to allow excellent performance and control. These functions are activated with Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush models that have Bluetooth connectivity Oral B SmartSeries toothbrushes with Bluetooth connectivity will be available in Spain from September 1, 2014 * except Oral-B Pulsonic


Bluetooth connectivity

Connect our rechargeable brushes Smart Series 6000 & 7000 with a device compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (IOS6 or later and iPhone 4S or later)

Sound recognition

Additionally, the Oral-B app uses your smartphone’s microphone to detect the frequency sound of your Oral-B Professional or TriZone toothbrush.



Multiple types of timers help you during the brushing process to brush your entire mouth evenly and for the two minutes recommended by the dentists, guiding you through each section of your mouth. Personalized care

Establish brushing routines that allow you to pay special attention to problem areas in your mouth and create personalized brushing timers, as well as reminding you to floss for complete oral care.

Professional dental care

Locate your dentist or dental hygienist and monitor visits. Work with your dentist to establish personalized brushing routines and professional recommendations tailored to your needs.

Brushing stats and achievements

Keep track of your daily brushing accomplishments and review your routine with a weekly or monthly summary. Get “trophies” for meeting the objectives!

Alerts for head replacement and product links

You won’t have to remember when to change your brush head. The Oral-B app will remind you when the time comes. There are also handy links to pages for detailed product information.

Oral care tips

Perfect oral care and hygiene with practical advice from dental professionals.

News, agenda, weather

Start the day with the latest news and weather forecasts, as well as being able to see the day’s agenda that will be shown directly while you brush.

National Geographic Images

Enjoy a series of fantastic National Geographic images while you brush.

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