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September 24, 2014

electronic-commerceTelefónica’s Wayra academy, led by the ZAVA Consulting team, presented a new e-commerce project. is an enterprise that seeks to support Venezuelan brands, facilitating the creation of virtual stores. Among the competitive advantages of it stands out that people will be able to create their own space, choosing basic characteristics of their virtual store such as the logo, the typography and even the means of payment and delivery system they wish to use. Additionally, will allow users to measure their influence, get to know their customers and improve their sales for free.

During the launch, the members of ZAVA Consulting CA, led by Kenny Vivas and Carlos Zager, will show those present, the mechanisms of use and exploitation of the platform and will also allow those who attend the event to reserve a domain with the name of your preference on the platform.

With the acceleration of, Wayra adds a new ICT innovation project, contributing to the generation of technologies developed in the country with local talent.

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