[Audio] with solopromesas.com the website that records the ...

[Audio] with solopromesas.com the website that records the …

July 16, 2014

A group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, aware of the importance of keeping in the collective memory the public commitments assumed by our leaders, created the website www.solopromesas.com. The idea is to record all those advertised offers, fulfilled or not, through the spontaneous participation of the readers. “We take advantage of the benefits of technology and social networks to build an information platform that we hope will transform, in the short term, into a Citizen Comptroller 2.0 ”, they explain.

The operation of the portal is simple, the person registers through their account Twitter and then you can write the promise that you want to make known. Then, the review team of www.solopromesas.com, confirms its veracity through prior publication in some media and proceeds to dissemination. In addition, for each promise published, the platform offers a mechanism for reporting or alerting false, erroneous or inappropriate content. It also offers the possibility that those involved or their work team can exercise their right to reply or report on the progress of their promise.

Listen (soon) to the interview with Jesús Berbín, spokesperson for www.solopromesas.com:

“We seek to become a reference point for information on the public commitments of Venezuelan rulers and leaders,” say the professionals. They think it is essential to have this data to assess the seriousness and responsibility of our authority figures. “For us it is important to rescue the value of the word offered,” they clarify. They believe that it is not normal for society to accept, naturally, that the rulers will not fulfill what they offer.

They invite the population to take advantage of the benefits of Internet and to participate, from anywhere in the world, in the construction of this Citizen Comptroller 2.0. “The content of www.solopromesas.com is made by everyone and for everyone. The contribution of each Venezuelan will contribute to the creation of a useful source of information for future decision-making in our society ”, they point out. They plan to replicate this digital platform to countries throughout Latin America.

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