[Audio] Venezuelan teenagers participate in campaign ...

[Audio] Venezuelan teenagers participate in campaign …

September 24, 2014

Kony Teens BootCamp was an innovative activity and Venezuelan youth entrepreneurship in which 14 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 16 participated in a camp where they developed prototypes of mobile applications (Apps).

The activity, which brought these young people together for 4 days, obtained very positive results that reflect the potential for entrepreneurship and creative capacity of adolescents who developed personalized mobile applications on tattoos, social networks, comics, photos, discovery games, among others, to later deploy them on different devices and platforms.

Likewise, the success of the activity will be documented as a success story both nationally and internationally, and seeks to recognize the innovative ideas of youth talent. Sybven, as an organization focused on mobile developments, one hundred percent believer in Venezuelan talent and given the wonderful results obtained, has decided to hold next editions of the Kony Teens BootCamp to continue encouraging creativity and test the imagination of Venezuelan “Digital Natives” adolescents. who want to realize their dream of digital entrepreneurs.

Magdalena De Luca, president of Sybven and representative of Kony Inc. -provider of multi-channel mobile development platform- for the region, expressed her great satisfaction with the achievements obtained.

“It is a dream come true, I am happy because in just 4 days 7 wonderful projects were born that are available for all operating systems. Our young people made it possible, count on my support because you are the technologists of the future, the ones who are going to lead the organizations that are committed to mobility, with a positive vision of the future and always aiming at the development of our country, thank you for existing. ” De Luca said.

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