[Audio] The 2014 Chacao Reading Festival has ...

[Audio] The 2014 Chacao Reading Festival has …

November 17, 2014

From November 14 to 23, the Chacao Reading Festival raises its tents for the sixth consecutive year, as one of the most important publishing events in the city, to once again make thought and the arts an axis for coexistence and the citizen reunion. This sixth edition is organized by the Mayor’s Office of Chacao, through Cultura Chacao, and supported by more than 70 exhibiting publishers, in a firm effort to generate spaces and activities that promote a positive vision of the city. Listen to the interview with Rosa Virginia Urdaneta, General Manager of Cultura Chacao.

The Plaza Altamira will reaffirm its natural condition for the public call under the premise of READ meetings, in a ten-day day where more than 90 exhibitors between publishers and literary labels, authors and artists, bet once again to win public space and empower to the reading citizen. A joint effort made possible also thanks to the vital support of the Embassy of Spain, Libros El Nacional, the Éxitos Circuit, the Alternative Vision Workshop (VACA) and Hotel CCT, as well as the production of Grupo SOB.

via Cultura Chacao ::: agenda.

Programming of the 6th Chacao Reading Festival 2014 «Prodavinci.

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