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January 28, 2015

Hueped Canino is a Venezuelan Technological Startup whose mission is to improve the experience of our pets when we go on a trip. That is why they have developed and launched a digital platform (web and mobile) to connect pet owners who are going on a trip with passionate and qualified pet sitters who are willing to take care of them for a few days in the comfort of their home (the home of the caregiver) and earn extra money. In this way we avoid leaving them caged in traditional pensions where they get depressed and skinny.

“The concept has not only been well received by families who have pets but they love it and users who have used the service have recommended us and have been delighted with the experience,” say its developers.

Additionally, Canine Guest was selected by Wayra Venezuela, a Movistar academy that supports entrepreneurs.

Listen to the interview with Jhosehp Rendon, Co-founder of Huesped Canino:

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