[Audio] TagBum is the social network that gives you points for ...

[Audio] TagBum is the social network that gives you points for …

February 12, 2015

Tagbum.com comes with a new approach that is to create, share publications and earn points, which translates into rewarding its users with the possibility of redeeming those points for products and services found in their own virtual store.

Listen to the interview Jorge Manuel Ortuno, Venezuelan engineer, creator of Tagbum:

The system provides 2 types of subscription, where the user can create a personal profile that is totally free and a company profile that has a 90-day free promotion. It also allows you to create your publications (Tags), promote and publish your different products and services in a simple way and with a versatile environment, because each publication has the capacity to contain up to 3 types of messages written with a color palette that allows you to give your personalized touch to the publication and you can also create a background image. The Web provides the option to upload videos from Youtube.com, Vimeo and upload personal videos in various formats and publish any number of images.

This Social Network has no limit of friends, the user can share, comment, edit and sponsor their publications, it has a privacy tool that allows you to control who can see your publications, it also has the options I like, do not like, predistribution of publications friends and report posts that contain content that may cause annoyance to community users.

The creators of the Web designed a virtual store where users can buy and sell products and services, access raffles and contests using the points accumulated by their publications, among which there are sound devices, game consoles, clothing, accessories, instruments musicals among others. It also has a Chat where you can create different rooms with various themes with the support of Video Chat in real time that does not need any additional download.

Among other important aspects that the network has is the creation of public and private groups, a game gallery, a Tags carousel where publications can be viewed in the form of automatic presentation, The Hot Zone where the creations of users and users are promoted. most active on the network, the user can choose how to view the publications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

About this Social NETWORK

During this last decade there has been an accelerated increase in telecommunications worldwide in different areas of society, which due to the same need to communicate has generated the creation of different social networks in the world, with the USA being the country that mas has developed these projects, among which we can name Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others, which make it possible for users to meet, express themselves and buy and sell products and services.

For this same reason, a new social network called Tagbum.com was born in 2010, after many conversations between the founders Jorge Ortuno, a Venezuelan engineer residing in the United States, Tim Riley, together with 7 Venezuelan programmers residing in Valencia – Carabobo State, developed a project Beta called Seemytag.com that was approved by Google Play and Apple Store in June 2013.

The current domain called Tagbum.com is on Google Play and is in the Apple Store approval system, it has more than 100,000 users on its platform, more than 10,000 followers on its Twitter account and with more than 45,000 Me Like it on its official Facebook page and its audience continues to grow every day.

Since November 12, Tagbum.com is promoting in Venezuela, starting in the city of Barquisimeto and Valencia, with different activities and events carried out by the Manager of the Social Network for Venezuela and his work group. holding events and raffles for users with the best publications (Tags), which breaks with the traditional schemes of other Social Networks, thus allowing direct contact between users and the project.

The slogan of tarbum.com is to create, share and accumulate points to exchange for prizes.Subscribe now and enjoy the new approach of Social Networks here http://tagbum.com

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