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September 26, 2014

Samsung Electronics introduced the first ultra-high definition (UHD) curved television in Venezuela, as part of its robust line of curved and UHD televisions for 2014. The new Samsung product portfolio reinforces its positioning and sets the pace for innovation, the design and content across the industry.

“Samsung reiterates once again its commitment to the Venezuelan market by promoting technological innovation through a wide variety of UHD televisions, beautifully designed and multiple additional functions,” said Antonio Figueira, director of the Consumer Electronics Division of Samsung Venezuela. “The curved ultra high definition TV will provide our consumers with a unique entertainment experience,” he added.

The event took place in a hotel in the capital and was attended by representatives of Samsung Venezuela, allies, guests and journalists. Migbelis Castellanos, Miss Venezuela 2013, had the honor of unveiling the curved television to the audience.

Samsung, always at the forefront in the application of new technologies to make the launches memorable events, held the opening of the event and was unveiling the characteristics of the product using the technique of video mapping. The presentation was transmitted in streaming so that users and interested parties could follow all the details of the launch in real time through the web.

Ushering in a new era of immersive viewing, Samsung combines its innovative curved TV design with its UHD TV technology. The curved screen offers videos with a stronger presence that is not perceived on a flat screen, along with a greater field of view, creating a panoramic effect to make the screen appear larger than it is.

The curved design allows for a more realistic and true-to-life viewing experience, with improved viewing angles, even from different viewing angles, so everyone watching TV has the best seat in the house. To maximize the benefits of curved TV, Samsung has developed the optimal 4200R curvature, which provides the best picture quality from a normal viewing distance of 3 to 4 meters.

The combination of curved and UHD technology creates the ultimate immersive viewing experience, bringing images to life and providing spectacular color, clarity and detail. This is augmented by Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyzes regions of images and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth. It also offers a 3D effect without the need for glasses.

Color is further enhanced in these sets with Samsung PurColor technology in the HU9000 Curved UHD TV, which reproduces color with even more detail and expression. The number of color adjustment points has been increased by a factor of seven.

Additionally, the new Soccer Panel (available exclusively in Latin America) created in collaboration with ESPN, allows viewers to obtain continuous and integrated soccer content, according to their preference. After selecting favorite teams and leagues, fans will receive video highlights of recent matches, team news, scores, schedules, recent standings, and much more.

The HU9000 models will be available in 65 ”and 55” displays.

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