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February 25, 2015

Assure me 123

Gamón Corretaje de Seguros presents the first platform in Venezuela that allows you to quote and buy car insurance online in 12 insurance companies in the country, through the website Asegurame123.com

It is a free online service, and in direct connection with various insurers in the country that allows an easier and faster way to quote and buy car insurance.

Listen to the interview with Carlos Henriquez, director of Asegurame123:

The service is backed by the more than 30 years of experience of the company. Segurome123.com allows its users to save time and money, accessing real information on quotes from various car insurance companies at no cost and guaranteeing the purchase online at the best available price.

Likewise, the platform has a professional team with a long history in the brokerage sector and an important personalized service infrastructure that provides users with support before, during and after acquiring their insurance policy.

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