[Audio] Panda Security presents its new ...

[Audio] Panda Security presents its new …

October 9, 2014

The new range of consumer solutions from Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, is now available in Venezuela. Panda Global Protection 2015, Panda Internet Security 2015, Panda Antivirus Pro 2015, Panda Mobile Security and Panda Gold Protection are the names of the products included in the range of Consumer Solutions 2015, which this year, and as the main novelty, incorporates the new detection engine XMT Smart Engineering by Panda Security.

The results of the latest industry tests carried out by independent laboratories AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST Y Virus Bulletin show how the new Panda Security solutions obtained the best detection, protection and resource consumption ratios on the market, reflecting the great capacity of the new XMT engine, in which each technology interacts with the others to achieve the highest detection and disinfection performance and totally extinguish all threats.

“In an environment in which they are generated worldwide about 160,000 new malware samples per dayAccording to the latest data from PandaLabs for the second quarter of the year, we are aware that we have to offer the best protection. And in this context, the most important thing is that the engine, with which we are achieving to be leaders in the tests of the industry, is the base of all our end-point protections ”, he says. Álvaro Elorriaga, Global Retail Director at Panda Security. “Our goal is to continue to constantly integrate technology into the platform to be at the top of detection and be able to provide our customers with maximum protection with minimal impact,” he adds.

For her part, Roxana Hernández, general manager of Panda Security for Venezuela, commented that the new range of Consumption 2015, is already available in the country; explained that the products Panda Global Protection 2015, Panda Internet Security 2015 (in its version for Windows and for multiplatform) and Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 they are already in more than 100 stores distributed in the main cities of the country; in the case of Panda Mobile Security and Panda Gold, They can be purchased via the web (www.pandasecurity.com/venezuela) or on Google Play (in the case of Panda Mobile Security)

Minimal performance impact

Designed to offer complete protection with minimal impact on device performance, the new solutions included in the range of Consumption 2015. They take advantage of all the advantages of security in the cloud to face all kinds of threats from the digital world: viruses, hackers, online fraud and identity theft; in addition to the rest of known and unknown threats.

“The new 2015 Consumer range is based on four key pillars that have allowed us to improve security solutions and adapt them to the needs of our customers: protection, lightness, flexibility and stability,” he adds. Hervé Lambert, Retail Product Marketing Manager at Panda Security.

Protection for all environments

Among the main features included in the range of solutions for Consumption 2015 Panda Security, in addition to the new XMT engine, highlights the multiplatform protection offered by Panda Global Protection 2015 for Mac environments and even mobile devices. With users with advanced needs in mind, Panda Security has created one of the best security suites on the market by adding an additional layer of security protection (Data Shield) that protects the data stored on computers against malware that tries to access them. sensitive user data for malicious purposes (theft, erasure or encryption) such as ramsonware. This virus encrypts the user’s data and then asks for a ransom for it.

For his part, both Panda Internet Security What Panda Antivirus Pro in this new 2015 edition of the consumer range, their capabilities against viruses, hackers and other threats, such as intrusions in the home Wi-Fi network, are enhanced, thanks to the fact that provide a view of devices connected to the wireless network. Along with these features, Panda Internet Security 2015. It also includes options for the protection of the family environment, identity and user data through parental control functionalities, application control, and backup in the cloud, among others. “And although Panda Antivirus Pro it is the most basic solution in the range –it exclusively protects Windows environments-, the truth is that it is much more than a simple antivirus ”. In addition to offering fast and intuitive protection, it includes, among other features, a firewall, virtual keyboard, rescue kit and multimedia options ”, he explains. Roxana Hernandez.

Already on Google Play

On the other hand, the new version of Panda Mobile Security 2.0 now available on Google Play for the protection of mobile devices with Android operating system. Among its most relevant features, the geolocation and anti-theft options stand out, which allow the location, blocking and remote deletion of device data.. This new version of our solution for the protection of Android environments, now much more intuitive and easy to use, represents an important leap in the quality of the look & feel of the application.

Panda Gold Protection

The range of Consumption 2015 it also includes Panda Gold Protection, a complete solution specially designed to protect user data regardless of the device used at any given time: PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet or smart TV (under Android operating system). It is the only product in the Consumer 2015 range that has the Panda Cloud Drive option, a 20 GB capacity software backup and synchronization service that stores files in the cloud safely, and allows access to the latest version of them from any computer, mobile device or browser at any time.

To conclude, Roxana Hernández stressed that Panda Security, through the representative office that she leads, is the only company in the sector with a presence in the country, which has allowed it to offer and maintain support services for more than ten years 365 days. of the year, to distributors, wholesalers, partners and clients, both of its products in the consumer range and to corporate users.

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