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October 2, 2014

The Japanese company is known worldwide for offering technology for the traditional consumer with products such as digital cameras, televisions or sound equipment; However, Panasonic has been concerned with providing innovations that promote energy savings, the objective of which as a company is to generate solutions that make a greener planet possible.

The transnational offers us its photovoltaic solutions, championed by its HIT product: Photovoltaic Module, which is made up of high-efficiency amorphous silicon and mono-crystalline silicon wafers, the cell is produced with the most modern manufacturing techniques, providing the performance highest in the industry.

Gabriel Bermúdez, Project Engineer for Panasonic of Venezuela, clarifies that HIT solar panels have the special characteristics of not polluting, they also do not contain moving elements or generate noise. They also have a high conversion efficiency, which translates into more energy per square meter. “For its production we work with the best selection of materials and a rigorous quality management that guarantee the high performance and long life of HIT solar modules; thus achieving greater reliability, guaranteed by a 25-year performance guarantee ”, concluded Bermúdez.

Opportunity in the market

Panasonic aims to present its solar panels as a necessary solution for energy saving, and in turn national companies and institutions will be able to bet on the strategy of achieving medium and long-term energy benefits and environmental contributions to the environment. As a marketing strategy, Panasonic de Venezuela focuses on the task of contacting the government entities that manage the area, in order to show them the usefulness and benefits that Panasonic technology can offer; This is also motivated by the existence of various projects and programs for the rational and efficient use of energy, sharing a real and necessary state campaign.For the inclusion of the product, the entities and interested parties are shown the successful cases developed in the region . In addition, the brand plans the information and exposure strategy of the HIT Solar Panel, in order to share this innovation massively.

A necessary good

Photovoltaic systems offer an attractive formula that achieves the report of economic benefits to the Venezuelan state, since when generating energy from the sun, fossil fuel is displaced, which can be used in international markets, allowing a return on investment in few years. In the Venezuelan case, these systems are an excellent option to help diversify the energy matrix, increasing the percentage of generation from renewable sources.

To understand a little better the real benefit of the product, Carlos Masiá, Deputy General Manager, states that a 1 MW photovoltaic solar plant in our country allows the generation of enough energy to power approximately 285 homes. “To generate this same amount of energy using diesel, it would take approximately 424,000 liters per year, which in international markets would be valued at around 350,000 US $. Additionally, this amount of energy would allow a little more than 1,000 tons of CO2 to be displaced annually ”, concluded Masiá.

This Panasonic eco-solution can have various applications, such as in homes, hotels, inns, clinics, industries, commercial premises, as well as the educational sector, in addition to the already mentioned government sector. Panasonic adapts its generation and energy efficiency solutions to the needs of each client, having many successful cases of photovoltaic projects in various countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

Panasonic offers the complete solution in terms of photovoltaic systems, since in addition to being one of the most prominent and recognized manufacturers worldwide, it is also in charge of the inspection, design, supply, integration, installation and subsequent maintenance of this type of systems. , guaranteeing the highest levels of quality in each of the project execution phases. Additionally, Panasonic has been present in Venezuela for more than 40 years, offering support and quality service to its customers.

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